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Vintage Halloween, One from the Vaults

Halloween is my birthday. It’s a cool fun birthday to have, but especially so as a child. Everyone loves dressing up and scoring candy. I remember once getting a mini box of raisins handed out to me, what kind of weirdos were doing that in the 60’s???

Besides the ‘normal’ trick or treat Haunted House in Beverly Hills activities, I had many birthday parties at the various studios where my dad worked, complete with movie screenings for my whole class and a big set to run around, pretty cool

These pix are from my 5th birthday at Samuel Goldwyn Studio and you can see some of the grown-ups like Vincent Price and James Coburn hanging out with my dad and having some beers while the mayhem ensued

and you can see that my mom was ever stylish, my brother always mischievous, and me having to be dragged out of the party, raising the roof…some things never change!

I was a witch many times (but you know, a pretty one), as well as a butterfly and gypsy princess, while my brother generally went for the more gruesome side of the holiday

My favorite costume ever…Morticia Addams….which was my dad’s nickname for me. I liked it.

When I was 12, I started writing my autobiography…I started out with “I’m a Scorpio, and out of the many descriptions, the one that describes me best is “Creature of Dark Passions”. Yep, I was always myself 🙂


That was the year my brother got to get his costume at the studio and had some professional makeup done…back in the dark ages before ‘face painting’ became a thing


Ok this is pretty hilarious. This is what happens when a 15 yr old girl in Beverly Hills discovers the Sex Pistols in the mid-70’s and attempts to dress up as a ‘punk’. Please note my ripped t-shirt on which I wrote with a Sharpie “BORN TO BE BAD” and the safety pins. Also my garbage bag cape and my dog’s leash as a belt. Oh and the track marks. Later efforts were slightly better, involving leopard spandex and pirate boots, but  we’ll just have to save that for another time

My brother continued going for the dark side all through high school


Another fave photo of my bro, with corn chip fangs, at the BH Hotel. His off beat humor is always amusing (ok maybe not when we were kids, but definitely now)

and me, another bday, another witch hat…
celebrating my 28th in Aspen, Colorado…with the first snow of the season on my hat…the first snow always arrived on Halloween…at least the years I lived there2013-10-29_0001As Halloween becomes more commercialized…or as I get older and can have candy whenever I like…or not having children to trick or treat with…or maybe it’s just the whole partying down in a tight outfit designed to be sexy or scary seems both sexy AND scary…sometimes I get a little jaded about my Halloween birthday, and sometimes I am cranky about the whole aging thing in general.  This year I went through all these pictures and made a book for my brother and nephew, so the history of our spooky childhood could be preserved and shared…and looking at all these old photos and remembering how special it was and how much fun my brother and I had…I want to celebrate THAT…and so, this Halloween, I will don my witch hat or some kitty ears and let my inner child play (or, you know, put on a bondage dress and a neck brace if I go to a grown up party …inspired by Helmut Newton) and be grateful to be having a birthday, and a really rockin one at that 🙂

Wishing everyone a very fun and creative All Hallow’s Eve!!!


  • Diane Thompson Maeder - Happy Birthday!! Love your autobiography!! I always thought it was so cool to have a birthday on Halloween but missed it by 15 days! Thanks for sharing!! Jill if you are down in LA please call, text or email and we can get Tracy and some of the ol’ gang together!

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