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Pioneer Women, the backstory and the birth of Kind Eyes

Joshua Tree 1995

Deep from the vaults, behind the scenes photos starring the lovely Renate and Stacy and yours truly


self-portrait, reality bites style

it’s all about the power of the bulb release

Ok, here’s the deal. Clearly we were young and hot. Did we know that? Like most women, no we did not. At that point I was already wanting to celebrate Women’s Beauty and it was killing me to hear these gorgeous friends going on and on about their back fat, thighs, whatever. I called us together in the motel room  – we circled up and I asked them to close their eyes and we just stood there and felt each other bodies – not in a kinky way, gentlemen – in a way that we had to acknowledged that we all felt the same and if we didn’t think ‘the other’ was fat, then we must not be either. One small step towards healing Body Dysmorphia, one that has stayed with me all these years later.

kicking back at the infamous Joshua Tree Inn, we tried to rock it Gram Parsons style…without,  you know, dying

at the time, Stacy was earnestly studying flamenco. She used to say “I would rather be a shitty flamenco dancer than not one at all”,  an inspiring philosophy which has served me many times throughout the years, especially with my shitty guitar playing 🙂

some outtakes of Stacy and Renate ~ in sepia, the final prints

at the time, my girlfriend Stacy was in the early aftermath of her divorce. She called this image with the martini glass her “I dare you to date me” photo

this was one of the most perfect days ever…this photo is framed at my house

the last light

Love these girls, Love my life!!!

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